Ideas on Italian Kitchen Decorations

italian kitchen

Rustic Italian kitchen Décor

For most housewives, their favorite part of their home would be their kitchen. They would love to make it look good and pleasant to the eye, as it can motivate them to come up with mouthwatering foods to serve to their family. So what more if it has Italian kitchen decorations? If you too want to have your kitchen to have an Italian look and feel, here are some ideas on how you to do it:


the color of an Italian kitchen should be remindful of an Italian countryside. When you paint your kitchen walls, make sure that you go for the ones with earth tones like blue or green to depict a grassy hillside. The same goes for the color of your curtains or other kitchen accessories. You can also make use of other colors like red, yellow and orange to add more warmth. Most Italian kitchen decorations also make use of the color purple, as it depicts a lavender field.

Kitchen Wall Décor

Having a wall art that is artistically done can also give your kitchen an authentic Italian look. You can achieve this by decorating your kitchen walls with portraits of wineries or hill sides.


adding Italian kitchen furniture into your own kitchen can also give you the look and feel that you want to achieve. Using wooden chairs or wooden benches in your kitchen can provide you the exact Italian feel that you want. You can also opt for wooden shelves, drawers or cabinets where you can keep your cookery stuff and your cookbooks.

Rustic Italian kitchen Décor

if you want to achieve the Italian look for your kitchen decorations, you can also add other accessories into your kitchen walls like hanging garlic bulbs or grapes. You can also try finding a clock that is of Italian style or wall plaques with Italian quotes that you can hang on your kitchen wall. These can help enhance the look of your Italian kitchen. You can also add other stuffs like earthen pots or other Italian-inspired carvings or figurines.

Modern Italian Kitchen Décor

if you are looking for a modern Italian feel for your kitchen, you can go for stainless steel cabinets or shelves where you can hang your utensils. Most Italian kitchens these days usually have stainless steel counter tops and you can have the same in your kitchen as well. Remember that if you want to achieve a modern Italian look, make sure that you opt for furniture that is made of wrought iron or metal.

For the final touches of your Italian kitchen decorations, you may place a basket of fruits and vegetables in the middle of your dining table. You can also hang greeneries from your kitchen ceiling for added appeal. Remember that the kitchen is where the entire family sits together and welcome guests. The atmosphere in your kitchen can help lighten the mood of everyone and so you have to make sure that it is pleasing and appealing not just for you but for your entire family and for your visitors as well.